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We Need Your Help to Raise the Money to bring BACK THE TRACK
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Walk and Talk, Health & Wellness, Multi-generational Use, Special Events & Celebrations.


All Sports, Pre-Season Conditioning, Personal Training; Amateur, Collegiate and Pro Athletes.


Physical Education Classes, Interscholastic Sports.
Who is Back the Track?

Rebuilding the Town Track Facility

We are leading the effort to crowd fund the needed resources to rebuild the town track that sits at the heart of the Wilton Community.

Back the Track is a non-profit organization driven by The Wilton Running Club, The Wilton Track Association and concerned members of the Wilton Community. Our goal is to raise $200,000 in order to aid in the rebuilding of the town track facility.

We have worked with The Paige Design Group, the premier track and field design company in the U.S., to develop a design for a track facility that is sustainable and renewable for the next 25-30 years at a minimal maintenance cost to the town.

This project will remedy all the current issues at the town facility including the subsurface which has reached the end of it’s useful life of over 30+ years and will not support further repairs or resurfacing.


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