The track at Wilton High school may be one of the most frequently used assets in our town. At any time of day you can see people of all ages walking and talking, running/walking for fitness, enjoying their time together or maybe just savoring a bit of solitude while being active.

Townspeople from children to adolescents, adult and seniors use the track daily.  It is truly a multi-generational facility for fitness and social time. If you add to the list it’s use by high school, youth and club sports teams, you have hundreds of people who are on the track for one reason or the other just about every day.

Unfortunately, our track is past its useful life.

The track surface is past its 10-year useful life and is in horrendous disrepair.  In addition, the subsurface, predominately the asphalt, is now beyond its 30-year functionality and must also be replaced. We may no longer resurface the track until the subsurface is repaired and brought up to specifications to support a new track surface.

Recently, The Wilton Track Association and Wilton Running Club procured the services of the Paige Design Group (PDG) to assess the current condition of our track and to recommend a course of action for repair/replacement. PDG is the foremost designer of track and field facilities in the US with over 30 years of experience in designing some of the best facilities in the country.

In addition to the PDG assessment, our town had test bores done (these had not been done previously) to test the condition of the subsurface from the wearing surface through the asphalt and into the aggregate and soils below. The bottom line is that both the track surface and subsurface must be replaced to receive any value from money spent. In fact, if we were to spend the hundreds of thousand of dollars it would cost to only resurface the track, it would last just a year or two and we would be right back where we started.

Our proposal is to replace the sub-surface and install an up-to-date non-porous track surface that has a significantly longer useful life and lower overall maintenance costs than other surfaces that have been researched and recommended by PDG.

We are seeking widespread community support for this facility, which has such great importance to so many residents of our town, and ask that you help us by donating to our effort today!


For an idea of the current state of debilitation of our town track, please follow the photo story here:


In this short video you will see the effects of poor drainage and the current condition of our track.


We can anticipate that larger sections of the track will peel in the spring due to winter weather and moisture seeping through the substantial number of surface cracks that exist today.