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Marathon Level: $5,000 and Above

Half Marathon Level: $1,000-4,999

10K Level: $500-999

5K Level: $100-499

Fun Run Level: Up to $99

Thank you to our individual Donors to date:

MARATHON LEVEL:  $5,000 and above
Dejana Family
HALF MARATHON LEVEL:  $1,000-4,999
Berrafati Family

Stroup Family

Amadeo Family

Welch Family

Wright Family

Cross Family

Granetz Family

Hermann Family

Shouvlin Family

Walsh Family

Lynch Family

10 K LEVEL:  $500-999
Dineen Family

Rowley Family

Kyle Family

Ivonov Family

Hyzy Family

DiNanno Family

Lin Family

5K LEVEL:  $100-499
Vocke Family

Wiseman Family

Crowther Family

Wisdom Family

Imrie Family

O’Brien Family

Cerullo Family

Pfeil Family

Bonnist Family

Jung Family

Dobson Family

Scarfi Family

Allen Family

Wilcox Family

Hough Family

DeAngelis Family

Reuter Family

Borden Family

Longmire Family

Royle Family

Sparks Family

Leinberger Family

Schlesinger Family

Mannix Family

Purdy Family

Lynn Family

Wilbur Family

Rodrigues Family

Hopkins Family

Savage Family

Kobsa Family

Douglass Family

Nicoletti Family

Vahera Family

Harley Family

Katz Family

McNamara Family

Bocchino Family

Hall Family

Jones Family

Tomasetti Family

Cuasay Family

Jones Family

Hall Family


FUN RUN LEVEL:  Up to $99
Sheehan Family

Pogano Family

Aleksiejczyk Family

Martins Family

Comerford Family

Chase Family

Elias Family

McCarthy Family

Peters Family

Moe Family

Soucy Family

Russnok Family

Hui Long Family

Maffei Family

Hoelzl Family